what we do

We are real estate firm that holds licenses for Connecticut real estate agents.

  • Don’t have the time or interest to do the business anymore?
  • Do you still have personal and professional contacts that can generate business?

Enroll with us today and continue to make money from real estate referrals!


Agents refer all business through Referrals Only CT, LLC and then choose and refer to any REALTOR® in any real estate company anywhere in the United States.  Or, we can help you select a professional in the desired location.


Referral Fee

When the real estate transaction is complete, Referrals Only CT, LLC will receive a 25% Referral Fee for that side of the transaction.  You will receive 75% of the total referral fee collected.

Your License

When the time is right for you, re-activate your license with any real estate firm you choose.

The ONLY thing you can do in Referrals Only CT is REFER!


These are some of the things you can't do:

1.   Provide advice to buyers or sellers
2.  Make appointments
3.  Show property
4.  Provide advice on price
5.  Write offers
6.  Advise on negotiating strategies
7.  Interfere with any real estate professional
8.  Attend the home inspection
9.  Give advice on negotiating repairs

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